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Working on Commissions

So we recently restarted Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. One of our latest changes has been putting the kids on commissions. We will see if this motivates a change in them or not.

There are certain tasks that being part of any household are expected. These tasks are expected of each of them. In return they get to live in our home, eat our food, use our gas, etc. Even our four year old can and will complete these jobs so of course everyone in our home up to the 16 year old can handle these tasks. Mostly they include bathing or showering daily without being reminded. Which is apparently extremely tumultuous to a 10 and 16 year old boy! Brushing teeth, picking up toys, dishes and their own dirty clothes. It is truly about everyone taking care of a picking up after themselves.

Once these jobs are all met on a daily basis comes the commisions. This is anything that needs done as a household. Vacuuming, sweeping floors, folding laundry, loading/unloading dishwasher and the list goes on.

So they can earn up to a certain amount of money, if they desire or they can earn nothing and have the task of only doing what is expected. However they now have to pay for little things like xbox game rental, snacks and any “I wants”.

After explaining the system to our 16 and 10 year old boys the 10 year old set out speedily accomplishing one task after another with the goal of saving in mind. After our 16 year old sat down and yurned on Xbox yhen proceeded to come into our room and ask for a new $45 backpack from Target to which my answer was “show me the money!” This may be a long arduous process to get going but I am hoping we can instill good work ethics, and saving, spending and donating money.

How did you teach your kids about money and work ethics? Did it work? What do you think of our plan?


Writer’s block

Sorry I haven’t written for a while. Not for lack of trying, I have great ideas all night, through the night, every night but no energy to get up and go grab my laptop. It’s just not the same blogging from my phone. So I have had my computer out now for two hours working on some other stuff. But unfortunately the two youngest boys have also just finished off a 12 pack of mini cupcakes. You know the kind with icing swirled on the top of them 2″ high and the exact size of the cake itself. They are on a sugar high above a normal sugar high!!! So no time for concentration to actually put something together with proper grammar and punctuation tonight! Maybe tomorrow night!


Thank you for all of the visits! My numbers and ratings have soared and I have all of you to thank!!!

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